Kids’ Dig

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The idea behind Kids Dig! is to support and encourage youthful enthusiasm for the sciences, with an emphasis on paleontology. To do this we provide a unique opportunity for children aged 8-12 to experience many aspects of paleontology in our one day adventure held throughout the summer. Our goal is not to produce paleontologists, rather to engage children in the wonders of our natural world, and of course the thrill of discovery!

A common question is “what do they get to do?” Well, we meet at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center at 8:30 when the parents drop off their kids, and sign waivers. They are then transported to the hill where they are given instructions on proper digging techniques. They are then split into two groups and will dig at two different quarries. Before lunch the groups meet at the Sundance and prospect for a half hour. Lunch is at the Hot Springs State Park.

After lunch the groups are split again with one going to the prep-lab and the other to molding/casting lab. Mid-afternoon the groups switch.

This is an excellent learning adventure for the kids, and a break for the parents. To learn more about the Kids Dig Program visit the Big Horn Basin Foundations website, all the details and forms you need are to be found there.