Dinosaur Academy

Dinosaur Academy is a program designed to give high school students an opportunity to experience one of the most interdisciplinary fields in the natural sciences. The weeklong program explores the many aspects of paleontology, from discovery to display. Participants will dig in the quarry, make observations, take measurements and photos then record data, participate in discussions, mold and cast, perform 3D scanning of specimens and bone preparation. The Dinosaur Academy program engages students as they learn the process of discovery. By the end of the program each student will have learned enough to build a scientific story of life, death, and burial of the animals in the quarry. The skills they learn will let them evaluate and answer scientific problems in the future.

  • The cost for the program is $945.00 per student. College credit is available.

For more information, please contact wdinoc.wyodino.org or call 307-864-2997 ext. 223 or visit http://www.DinosaurAcademy.com.